Gone But Not Forgotten (09-11-01) Print

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MADE IN THE USA | Unframed 20" x 16" print

I know the Twin Towers, the actual buildings, are a great symbol. And everyone identifies that day with those buildings. 

But the actual loss. The men and women who gave their lives, willingly doing their duty, THEY are who should never be forgotten.

The concrete and steel can be replaced. But not our fallen brothers and sisters. They are gone, BUT THEY ARE NOT FORGOTTEN.

This functional memorial has the names of all 343 firefighters that died that day, as well as the names of the 72 peace officers (a peace officers is any civil officer such as a police officer whose duty it is to preserve the public peace) as several different forms the of law enforcement community were killed that day as well.

Part of our 9/11 Tribute Collection

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