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Station Navy

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Why do we train? Or lift weight? Or run?

What makes us strap weights to our bodies and do pull-ups?

What drives us to deadlift maybe a little more than we should?

ITS NOT VANITY, I can tell you that. We are purpose driven.

Our job is to be as prepared as we can be for the absolute worst. We have to be ready not just to carry our weight, including all our gear and pack, but that of our brother or sister, or the public when IT is hitting the fan.

I'm so grateful that as a kid, Dad would let me come to the station and workout with him and the guys and I could see what it takes.

Sure, I like being in shape. Not just to be a good representative of our brotherhood, but also to instill confidence in my coworkers that if something goes down, I can get them out. 

We don't have the luxury (or torture) of just sitting behind a desk. WE HAVE STAY READY. WE HAVE TO PREPARE FOR THE WORST, SO WE CAN BRING OUR VERY BEST.

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