An Garda Síochána (Guardians of the Peace) Police St. Paddys Shirt

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The Police force in Ireland is know as the "An Garda Síochána" (Guardians of the Peace). They of course "chosaint agus fónamh" or protect and serve. 

I have always felt the police embody the saying "Evil prevails when the good do nothing." There is a long standing history of Irish police officers here in the US. Hopefully this St Paddys shirt allow them to show alittle pride in what they do.

Every year I design a new St. Patricks Day shirt. I think we in the brotherhood consider St. Patrick's Day an unofficial firefighter holiday. It is one of our most sacred traditions. I'm discovering though, its not just firefighters who claim this holiday. Our brothers and sisters in blue that help protect and serve this great land have also claimed it as their own. So I feel its high time I do a St. Patricks Day shirt for the police officers that put there lives on the line to protect the public while upholding the law. Happy St. Patricks Day!

MADE IN THE USA. An ultra-soft, ultra-comfy American Apparel T-shirt that feels like you’ve owned it for years the moment you put it on, and for years to come.  50% poly 50% cotton


A portion of all sales (not just profit) will be donated to a mixture of the following charitable organizations.

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