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No Quit Print (16in x 20in)


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Recently, in the archives of Navel History in New Bedford Massachusets, a worn newspaper report detailing the spectacular attack of a fire engine, and the harrowing defense of a city by its firemen, was discovered.

It is the only one of its kind, and believed to have been suppressed by the government, due to the outlandish nature of the story. It is also believed in some circles, that this report was the motivation behind another great sea tale written some 32 years later.

Regardless of the veracity of the story itself, the fighting spirit of first responders from then to now is on full display in the tale. To quote the story,

"No matter what comes. No Quit. Anytime. Anywhere. Until the job is done."

And lets be real, if this happened, they would call us first smh. I can hear the arrival report now, "Engine 1 is on the scene of a ummmm tendrickled sea beast, approximately 8 arms. 2 large eyes. Appears to be 100ft in length. No smoke showing or audible alarms...... We'll be investigating."

Unframed 16in x 20in print.


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Released on 2018-01-18

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