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Iphone 6/6S

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When they first started designing the World Trade Center in 1962, they just couldn't know what it would come to represent. It was meant to be the financial center of the world. The 2 tallest buildings in the world at the time. A demonstration of the power of free market.

It now means so much more.

It stands in our hearts forever as a place where men and women gave their lives to help one another against astounding odds.

A place where a nation and even the world stood up and said, "We refuse to be scared by the tactics of terrorism. We will overcome this and you will pay dearly for it."

Now, when Americans talk about Patriotism, Courage, and Sacrifice, this day and this place is what they think of.

When it was designed, it was about power and money. But now the design, the blueprint, is The Blueprint for Sacrifice.

When I look closely at this Blueprint, all I can see and feel is the Sacrifi

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