The Black Helmet Roast Organic Coffee



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  • Roasted and packaged in the USA
  • Certified Organic by the USDA
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • Treenut free, peanut free, gluten-free
  • AUTODRIP Ground

  • I was tired. I was tired of the same crap coffee. I was tired of the idea that there was stuff in my coffee that was harmful, as I drink coffee everyday. So I finally did something about it. I made many attempts to mix my values, with the flavors I love, with a decent amount of caffeine, while still making an affordable product. In my research and discussions with roasters, I discovered that lightly roasting the beans made a a smoother coffee and prevents "cooking out" the caffeine. Still further conversations and tests led me to organic beans being more flavorful and also less harmful from any pesticides or the like during the growing process. During this process, I joined forces with a well known, highly respected American based coffee roaster, and together we produced the Black Helmet Pale Roast. Made with a blend of Central and South American organic beans, lightly roasted, for an end result that offers a smooth mellow brightness, balance, and hints of dark chocolate and caramel without being sweet (you can add the sweet, I drink mine literally black,) and slightly more caffeine than darker roasts. Now I'm satisfied. I hope you enjoy this coffee as much I as do.




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