Givin Her Hell Firefighters Longsleeve Tee



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The Black Helmet Company of NO QUIT. NO MATTER WHAT COMES. ANYTIME. ANYWHERE. Until the job is done.

So I don't know what made me think of this, or why I drew it. But once I got it in my mind, I could think of nothing else.

That being said, you know if some one saw a massive Kraken starting to attack, some "cell phone caller passer by" as our dispatch would call them, would basically have the fire dept on scene first. If theres something wrong, you know they are gonna call us. And as always we would probably try to spring into action with our "Adapt and Overcome," attitude. That's what we do, no matter what. 

The saying is something I once heard one of our Lts say over the radio to a chief who asked him how the fire is going. "We're givin her hell, Chief!" The drawing just screamed this to me.

It is the epitome of the qualities it takes to be in the fire service. NO QUIT. NO MATTER WHAT COMES. ANYTIME. ANYWHERE.


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