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Recently, I went through the first half of a course (2nd half coming soon) called Tactical Emergency Casualty Care that is based on the military's Tactical Combat Casualty Care and I realized one thing.

What happens when there is a shooting, a bombing, a hostage situation, a terrorist situation? Any urban tactical situation, if it goes on long enough, 4 groups are called in. EMS, FIRE, POLICE, and MILITARY.

And it doesn't even matter if we've had any tactical training. They call us.

Hopefully in this day and age, you've either looked up some tactical EMS, or your dept has the foresight (or hindsight) to send you to TECC (TCCC.) Ultimately though, even if they haven't, you will still be called upon to act in the tactical environment if only the warm or cold zones.

I feel like this level of cooperation between these 4 groups should have a designation.
Especially in the new era of violence on American soil that has been happening more frequently.

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