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Black Helmet Pre-Workout (Lemon Punch)

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Black Helmet Pre-Workout (Lemon Punch)
Black Helmet Pre-Workout (Lemon Punch)
Black Helmet Pre-Workout (Lemon Punch)
Black Helmet Pre-Workout (Lemon Punch)
Black Helmet Pre-Workout (Lemon Punch)
Black Helmet Pre-Workout (Lemon Punch)

Black Helmet Pre-Workout (Lemon Punch)


387% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED (Yep, no typo. We mean it)


MADE IN THE USA | 25 Servings

Lemon Punch Flavor

This product has been crafted by a firefighter who has been a fitness enthusiast for over 20 years, with input from fellow firefighters, US military members, law enforcement officers, and EMS providers who have all been lifting for most of their adult lives in an effort to stay ready for whatever is thrown at them in the most extreme situations.

This product is "clean." In other words, It does not include all the ingredients that normally make you jittery or cause you to feel “flushed.” It is designed to give you sustained strength throughout your workout. You will continue to feel strong and ready for your next set.

All the frills, hoopla, BS, and fake ingredients that do not provide maximum benefits for increased performance and to stimulate muscle growth have been removed.* The remaining ingredients are included in the proper amounts to achieve your goals.

There are no artificial colors. No added sugar.

Amount per Serving:

I’m sure you’ve found that the most effective products are the simple products. We have found these dosages to be the most effective in helping us power through those early morning workouts, or an afternoon workout after a bad night or long day.

We do not have time for outrageous claims. This product can be the backbone of a good supplement regimen that, along with proper diet, weight lifting, and focus, will help you achieve your goals. Select and use this product with confidence, knowing that it is the same formula that some of the toughest people in the world use to stay in optimal condition for every circumstance.

Try before you buy! Sample Pack Now Available!

Part of our BHFIT Collection